My Snack Drawer

Hello, guys!

I wanted to start tracking my weight loss journey but was being fickle about using a blog or youtube. I think that using a blog will be much easier for me so I will be posting things I am doing and my progress here. Also, you can add me as a friend on MyFitnessPal! Just look for PayShi.

I’ve been watching an inspiration woman on Youtube called divaslimsdown who was like me: very overweight.

She has overcome this and I believe she started her journey in 2011 so I am going to be watching her videos (she has a lot!) and use them for my weight loss journey.

For starters, I’m cutting out all soda. This is my main goal for the next two weeks since I still crave Dr. Pepper something fierce. I’m gonna try eating healthy, managing portion control, exercising and tracking my calories as well. However, my main goal is to avoid sugary drinks for the next two weeks.

Instead I’ve got some yummy tea I can brew and put some Truvia in or I’ve bought some sugar-free Lipton peach tea. I plan on watching these as well and limiting myself to one a day. Coffee is also a staple of mine so I’ve switched to sugar-free creamer.

So, I just went grocery shopping and I bought a ton of yummy foods but I got a bunch of great snacks I either already love or am giving a try. divaslimsdown inspired much of what I’m trying to do. She said almonds REALLY helped her control her appetite so I bought a 2 lb bag of it!

Also, she likes skinny cow chocolates but I couldn’t find them so I picked up these yummy organic oatmeal cookie snack packs. Here’s a picture of the snacks I grabbed:


And here is my snack drawer:


Here’s a list of what I got:

  • Blue Diamond Almonds Whole Natural (avoid that sodium!) – These things so so yummy and filling.
  • Kind STRONG Thai Sweet ChiliI LOVE the strong line from Kind. If you like spicy but sweet, give it a whirl.
  • Kind STRONG Honey Smoked BBQOnce again another favorite.
  • Orville Redenbacher’s smartpop!Haven’t tried these yet but 100 calories sounds good to me.
  • Wild Oats Originals: Oatmeal CookiesOMG GOOD. Their 150 calories but SOO worth it. Yummm.

I got all these products from Wal-Mart, guys.

I keep it in my room so other people won’t eat my food. I know it sounds mean, but hey, they can eat their cookies. These are mine!

I’ve also included a link to DivaSlimsDown below so if you are interested in checking her out, please do so! She is an amazing inspiration. DivaSlimsDown Youtube Channel.

Thanks for reading guys! I will post more later.




2 comments on “My Snack Drawer”
  1. Ramey says:

    Another way to use portion control.. During meals, eat on a smaller plate. =>


    1. Patience says:

      Good idea. We have some smaller plates too so I’ll try that.


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