Happy Anniversary to my Parents!

So, my parents anniversary is this Friday. March 20, 2015. It will be 12 years for them although they’ve been together for much longer.

My Dad is my step father and I couldn’t be any luckier to have such a caring dad, especially someone who didn’t HAVE to be my dad. He is always so wise and yet so funny.

And my mom is such a sweet and caring person but SO strong. She is my role-model for so much in my life and my favorite memories in my life consist of her.

They have struggled so much during their life, and now together as a couple but still hold tightly to one another. No one is perfect and neither is a marriage (or so I can tell; I’ve never been married.) I am so proud of them and love them so much.

I wanted to share the card I got them. (Yay, you get to see my 3rd grader handwriting… my apologies.) It’s also my Dad’s birthday but I already sealed that card!


Cos’ they got a ton of doggies (and love them so!)


Thanks to WishesMessages for helping me with the poem. I changed one word however. It said “Your married life has been PERFECT and ideal.” I don’t think any marriage is perfect so I changed that to beautiful as it is.


Thank you Hallmark for the beautiful blank card.

I’ll be spending their anniversary with them this weekend (hey, it’s what they want, guys…)

Remember that even when you are miles away from your folks to always let them know how loved, admired, and special they are. CALL THEM. WRITE THEM. And go visit them and lay around on their couch.



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