IdealShape – Day 1

Good Afternoon, guys!

I apologize for a delay in posts but I went to Georgia and spent time with my family there (which I will talk about later.) Had a ton of fun there and ate some delicious food you can only find there. Also, this week finishes off my spring semester so I’ve been busy with that.

But don’t let me bore you with that. I wanted to talk about what I decided to start with my doctor monitoring me. I just got my package of IdealShape in the mail yesterday and started it’s regime this morning.

Why did you decide to try IdealShape?

Well, there’s something I figured out after trying several diets like Atkins for example. I lack time, motivation, and fridge space (seriously, we are going to buy a 2nd fridge soon) to cook every single meal. I can also see where planning meals ahead of time would work out but we lack the fridge space with 5 people living here.


I have tried shake plans before like Body by Vi but it was extremely expensive and it didn’t really provide much direction. So, I googled what would be the best meal replacement shakes and saw IdealShape was recommended and had never heard of it before. So, I checked it out. I read some reviews and I also found out it contains Splenda. While, this is not my favorite alternative sweetener as I’d prefer Stevia it’s way better than aspartame.

What package did you decide to buy?

It was kind of difficult to decide which package to buy but I decided to buy a package that included some audio CDs and a 90 day supply of the shakes because I NEED variety.


However, they have a Spring package that is really well priced as well. The cheapest place to get these items appears to be their own website. So, no buying from a third party which sounds great to me.

What impresses you so far?

Mentally addresses issues with bad eating habits.

The ebook, book, and audio CDs address not only give you a specific plan to follow but also address the MENTAL issues behind why we are tired, overweight, and may have issues sleeping. I am still reading the book but have listened to one of the audio CDs so far and it put me right to sleep last night like it was suppose to. I usually suffer from insomnia. So far, looking good.


The first SMOOTHIE not shake tasted great.


This morning, I took a look at what I needed to add to my blender. I decided to add Almond Vanilla Milk (1 cup), IdealShape Vanilla scoop, 1 medium size banana, and 3/4 Cabot Fat-free Greek plain yogurt.

No joke. This tasted like a Checker’s Banana shake if anyone of you have had the pleasure of getting a Banana shake from there. It was thick and creamy. It was a bit sweet so I drank it really slowly which took me about 20 minutes I’d say.

The plan is to eat every 3 hours to not get hungry.

They address the issue of “Hey, don’t get hungry.” Many plans do this as well. Eating 6 small meals which I think is great.

Will you be trying the IdealBars and IdealBoosts?

I’d love to. I haven’t purchased these yet as I purchased that bundle and it was expensive for the audio CDs and everything. However, the IdealBars contain the Slendesta® ingredient as well that is suppose to help control your appetite between the 3 hours so it’d be harder to just grab some alternative bars from your local grocery store. (Though, I’m in love with Kind’s strange flavors like Thai Chili, yum.)

I more unlikely to pick up the IdealBoosts just because I’ve never been much of a CrystalLight or Kool-Aid type of gal. I’ve always been a coffee or tea girl. So, I will make myself teas without any added sugar. Green tea will be my go to and unfortunately I am letting coffee go for a while.

What if it doesn’t work?

Well, it’s possible it could not work. However, most of the time these things don’t work for me because I can’t adapt them to my lifestyle, can’t understand them, or can’t mentally overcome my hurdles. So, I ask if you are praying person. Please send me some! If you aren’t: send me some good, positive thoughts? I could use them!

What’s your biggest motivation?

This might sound strange, but aside from being HEALTHY. After my fiancee and I get married I want to have children. I want to be READY for that. And by READY I mean I want to be healthy to carry my children to term, give birth, and then help them grow up to be healthy.

My mom had an unstable relationship with food. Actually, my whole family did! I don’t want to pass that along to my children.

That’s all for now! I’ll keep you all posted as it progresses. Please feel free to comment especially if you are doing IdealShape, something similar, or want to give encouragement. Criticism is welcome too!



P.S. As far as exercise goes, I am walking 30 minutes a day when I can (thank you cysts for being a pain my thighs.)

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