First Day is Complete!

Hooray! I just finished my first day with IdealShape (Yes, after midnight because my day starts late and I go to bed late UNLESS I have class.)

firstdaySomeone: “What a beautifully put together screenshot.”

Me: “Why thank you, I worked very hard in Paint to put it together.”

So, there is a screenshot of my day. My sister-in-law brought me a salad so I kind of cheated a tad bit with the croutons and the cheese but aside from that the day went really well. I was a tiny bit hungry throughout the day but it was do able.

I read that some people do struggle with the hungry for about the first week which is understandable especially if you are going from eating much larger portions (that would be me – goodbye half a pizza. I will miss you dearly… We will meet again!)

Thank you Myfitnesspal for your awesome calorie tracker. But seriously, can we talk for a second? I can so appreciate them having ads on their website to pay the bills but can they monitor what ads are on there? Here’s why I say this…

So, I am on my laptop just typing in what all I’ve eaten on Myfitnesspal and BOOM there’s a LOVELY Pizza Hut ad with LOVELY pizza. Showing the strings of cheese as some unseen object moves a slice of pizza from the large pizza below… I am drooling as I type this. Do you see the problem for us dieters!? Pizza is my kryptonite! So, please, pizza ads stay off my websites, billboards, and out of my grocery stores. That is all. Well, until it’s cheat day.

Thank you,

Anti-Pizza Girl Patience

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