IdealShape Day 3 & Lab Result

Howdy guys and gals,

Just wanted to check back in and let you know how I am feeling on day 3 on the diet. I feel pretty tired which can be tossed up to the drop in carbs (huge drop in carbs – oh, how I do miss you Macaroni and Cheese.) But aside from that, I am very impressed at how easy it is to follow this diet.

I printed out the meal plan from the ebook they give you when you order at least a 30 day supply shake that tells you their background, history, and what they would like for you to do to lose weight. I remember telling myself on some of the diets I’ve done: “These people are dumb.” Or, “HAH. I am not doing that.” Or how about, “That is simply too hard for me to do.”

I think that you can either say one or two things: Patience, you didn’t give those diets a chance OR they weren’t the right fit for you at that time.

Either way, I made it a point to NOT do that on this diet. To be honest, it’s not that hard. It’s easy to follow. About 20 minutes before I am suppose to eat I go to my “Diet Binder” and flip to the page showing what is okay for me to have and go get it. I just don’t really over think it.

What’s nice about it is it still allows some flexibility without being TOO flexible. By that they don’t say, “Hey, it’s okay to go grab a Cheeseburger.” Please, DON’T give me permission to do that. So, help me God I will go do that.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

For my Mid-Afternoon Snack, I may be allowed to have something off of the Carb B list (hey, this is in my Diet binder too, how nifty!) as well as something off the Fat C list. So, I’ll flip to those categories and just choose whatever I want from it. Boom-bada-bing, done.

20150329_232904I know you are starving so here’s my supper last night: baked chicken with brown rice and quinoa, fried green beans and okra. GET IN MY BELLY.

What further impresses me about this is it seems to be making sure I am not taking in too many carbs or fats, and forcing me to limit certain foods ever day. Vegetables are also unlimited but because I am not the biggest veggie lover on the planet it’s hard for me to just throw these things in the blender with my smoothie so I’m going to have to start getting creative.

Hunger Level

Day one was rather difficult. But day two and day three have been really smooth. I’m extremely impressed with their products, plan, and their texts.

Lab Results

About a week ago, I went to see my doctor (she’s a new one to me and so far so good.) She did a blood panel and urine analysis to see how things are going especially since I am cautious about Type 2 Diabetes at this point.

I have yet to talk to her, but will on April 8th. Here are the results which were posted on my Patient Portal:

Note to Patient:  labs overall normal except for borderline high/prediabetic level a1c, vit d a little low (recommend otc supplement vit d3), mildly low HDL (good) cholesterol; one of liver function tests is mildly elevated; we will discuss these further next visit

OKAY. To be honest, I don’t know what a lot of that means. The borderline high blood pressure and prediabetes doesn’t shock me one bit. Just all that more scary to see the lab results confirm it. Before I stress out, I will go buy some Vitamin D3 and drink some green tea until April 8th. I’ll let you guys know about the doctor’s appointment.



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