IdealShape Day #6

Today is Day 6 of me being on IdealShape and I wanted to share some photos with you and give you an update. Last couple of days I attempted to add some vegetables to my shakes like kale and parsley. I didn’t really enjoy it. Even ONE cup turned me off a bit.

I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact that I grew up getting away with not eating vegetables and am JUST now starting to eat them and also because I don’t like visually seeing my shake go from a beautiful cream color to green. Is that weird? Okay, yes, I know it’s weird.

Aside from that, it’s going pretty well. Aside from having some few hiccups with cravings but I KNEW these were coming.

So, today I finally went and had my CHEAT meal. (I feel so good to know I’ve been a Rebel.) However, I don’t know how many ounces or calories was in that meal so… maybe next time I will try to eat at a place I can find the information on myfitnesspal better.

I had Pork Lo Mein from my favorite Chinese restaurant. Sorry, no photo because it’s not pretty and I ate it om nom nom nom. I do feel less Divaish now.

So, I took some pictures of when I am washing veggies or making a shake for you guys so, here ya go:

20150331_185133Mmm, looks prettyyyy. Parsley!

20150331_173141What I use to wash all my veggies and fruits. Got it at Wal-mart for like $3.

20150331_001610My choice of veggies this past week. Fried okra and green beans. Mmm.

20150331_001639I have been using Coconut oil and so far have enjoyed it.

20150331_182311I think this is when I added 2 cups of veggies. Man, I don’t think I can EVER do that again. At least not for a while. By the way, my blender is AWESOME but it’s so loud… I cringe every time I use it when people are sleeping. Sorry, sleeping people… Maybe once we get another fridge I can pack away morning shakes.

These bars are da bomb.

20150331_204143I’ve showed you guys these before in a previous post. These are my FAVORITE protein bars. I can, for some reason, only find them at Wal-mart where I live. The smaller grocery chains don’t seem to carry the KIND strong ones. Thai sweet chili is my favorite. I don’t know why but I am just not that big of a fan of sweet protein bars, so thankfully I found the ones for weirdos like me!

I also went to Mickler’s Beach in Ponte Vedra, FL and got soaked. It was pretty fun.

20150402_164022Ah, so peaceful…. once I got past the screaming kids and people throwing footballs past my head.

20150402_164009Just chillin’ out.

20150402_164240Poor little guys were all over the beach. Thankfully, no where near as bad as another beach I’ve been to before.

Now, I gotta go read four chapters for my Health Assessment Nursing class.




2 comments on “IdealShape Day #6”
  1. superwife27 says:

    I’m SO proud of my bestie and so glad you’re sticking to this! Now we just need to get me on board! And just a tip for you about the vegetables for your shakes.. Kale has a very strong taste. So to start out with, only use a little bit of that. Otherwise the taste really takes over the shake. Or instead of using kale, use spinach leaves. And I’m not sure what your diet plan says about the shakes, but it’s okay to add an orange and blend it up too. Gives it a more of tangy taste if that’s what you like. Keep up the awesome work! Love you!


    1. Patience says:

      Haha, it’s funny you suggested an orange because I put one in my vanilla one yesterday morning and it was so good like an orange creamsicle. Also, good idea about the spinach and using just a tiny bit! Also, I think if you did this you’d like it because of the hypnotherapy it has you do as well (which you ALSO introduced me to – just not for weight loss.) LOVE YOU. ❤ Thanks for always encouraging me.

      Liked by 1 person

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