Weight Loss Update + GTA 5

I am quite excited to share some lovely results with you.

25 days past and 15 pounds down.

Sailor Moon is not my property. Naoko Takeuchi is the owner! =3
This is an appropriate photo considering Usagi cheated… and well, so did I with Adipex. GG.

But to be honest, I didn’t know if I could remain on this adipex any longer. For starters, let’s talk about the bad side effects I started feeling:

Insomnia on top of my current insomnia, snappy and more moody (yay, sorry to everyone who lives with me,) AND THEN… THE WEIRDEST ONES OF ALL…

My ARM PITS started to stank like something… I don’t even KNOW. I realized it when I had to keep reapplying my deodorant every couple of hours (which I never NEED to do unless I go out into the Florida sun and you know, get sweaty… ew.) So, lose of appetite comes at such a great price…



I started to realize I had a phenomenal super power of SMELL. Everything that I normally couldn’t smell or couldn’t smell strongly hit my nose as if I had the snout of a dog! In fact, I popped open a can of ginger ale at chest level and almost choked from the ginger smell.

I was quite terrified.

But considering how well the adipex is working I will continue to try it out until my next follow-up appointment with my doctor. My anxiety seems to be a little overboard as well, but that may be due to waiting on my student loan to come in considering I depend on it to eat and live… yeah, that might do it.



I told the cops I would kill them if they didn’t let me keep my headphones. #Thuglife

I cannot begin to explain to you how much fun I am having here on GTA 5. I know how immoral this game is, okay. Please… please… but it is fun to drive cars I stole. I don’t know why!

But man, people sure are men in GTA. I mean, I KNOW how mean people are online PERIOD. But, GTA 5 is the spawn point for these guys. There’s some nice folks too… I am sure… somewhere.

But honestly, this game is fun if you got friends to play with. Just let loose. Excuse me while I go play darts, race boats, and take a bounty.

Now, aside from that… Class is going pretty well. With the exception of I lost my Blood Pressure Cuff and the Stethoscope they give you with the nursing kit is AWFUL. I mean, I already don’t know how to hear and CANNOT hear anything… but they are awful. I know because a lot of the other students are already LPS or MAs and brought their Stethoscopes from work and let me use theirs. I am very lucky to have such friendly, sweet, and AWESOME people in my class that help me!

Well, that’s all I got time for today. If you play GTA 5 for PC and would like to play with me just add: PayShi.

Warning: I will flip my car and possibly get you killed but we will have fun.


P.S. GTA 5 for PC is on sale at greengaming’s website in the VIP section. Sign up for free and go to the VIP section. $46.79. I don’t know for how long however.


4 comments on “Weight Loss Update + GTA 5”
  1. superwife27 says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! You’re doing so well! This blog made me laugh out loud at work and of course everyone turned to stare. #haters Haha. I’m joking. But seriously, congrats! By the way, I would LOVE to play GTA5 with you. If only you had an Xbox One with live. Love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Patience says:

      Actually, Gabe doesn’t have a One he has the 360! 😉 So, we could play on there…. I wonder if your laptop could handle the PC version but sometimes even my PC lags a bit. I am sorry I made you LOL! Hahaha. I stayed up so late playing… you would LOVE this game and so would your husband.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. prsgame says:

    There’s no nice people online I think it’s an age thing in GTA I only posted on it yesterday http://wp.me/p5D4eW-6M

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Patience says:

      Surprisingly, I ended up doing a ton of high paying jobs with three higher level dudes (I am assuming) and they were EXTREMELY friendly and German…. RARE, I TELL YOU. RARE.


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