Depression Reprise!

Okay, okay. I realize that depression cannot have a reprise since it’s not music BUT it sounded cool so whatever! I can name the title of this post whatever I want.

Here’s the deal, okay.

Me too, Usagi. Me too.
Me too, Usagi. Me too.

I realized that my anxiety was probably going to be affected by Adipex considering my doc said I would probably be a bit more “snappy.” So, I figured I could suffer a bit with that for three months but I didn’t really notice the signs of my highs and lows until the lows became more and more frequent.

Over the last few days especially my depression has come back with a vengeance.

Lots of highs and lows. Crying. Being OVERLY sensitive about every little thing. Hiding out in my room. Then the familiar self-bashing thoughts returned. Finally today I had had enough. I mean, it’s my birthday! Why the heck am I so upset!? What for?

So, I googled a bit about Adipex and depression. A few people had said they experienced depression when taking it. Some saying their doctors prescribed antidepressants with it but… I’m already on an antidepressant.

"Yes, yes... have a nice day, young lady."
“Yes, yes… have a nice day, young lady.”

I called the pharmacist. I told her my depression has been under control for years and for the most part so has my anxiety and suddenly it’s back. She told me that the Adipex is probably reacting with my Zoloft and I should go ahead and quit taking it and look for an alternative. So, I went ahead and sent a message to my doctor and we’ll see what happens from here.

I really wanted it to work but… I would rather deal with fighting the appetite of a lion versus my depression again. No thanks.

However, I’m aware that with medications and treatment it’s often a game of trial and error. Guess I’ll have to give it another go.

Thanks for reading and have a great day on my Birthday!

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