Websties I find helpful during Nursing School

I’m sure as a Nursing student you have discovered a lot of helpful aids online. I wanted to post some of my favorite finds in case you haven’t discovered a few of these.

  • Picmonic – This website uses audiovisual study cards of “pictorial mnemonics.” As an auditory learner this helps a ton. You still need to use your books (what!?) but this really helps you remember key points. Like remembering vital points for seizure precautions or things seen in someone with hyperkalemia. They currently have a deal if you purchase 6 months it comes out to $5.00 a month. I purchased that. TRY it before you BUY it, please! My referral link has been provided, whether or not you decide to buy is up to you! So far, this is my favorite studying aid. Picmonic
  • Quizlet – Create virtual flashcards or use other people’s flashcards for FREE! This is extremely useful especially for auditory learners who people who type faster than they write! There is a premium membership but this is unnecessary unless you want to READ and RECORD in replace of their virtual speaker. Honestly, I found no use in that… My class uses this for study guides. Create folders, classes, and so much more.Quizlet
  • NurseLabs – I haven’t spent a ton of time on this website but it offers a ton of FREE examination tips, reviews, NCLEX exams, and more. Great study aids. I have used their head-to-toe assessment list. I find this website to be really spot-on.
  • allnurses – A nursing community for nurses and nursing students. Articles, forums, and more. I have not joined this website but I find myself reading a lot of threads from time to time. It’s awesome to see so many nurses with similar questions as me!
  • Straight A Nursing Student – I recently discovered this website. It’s a blogging website of a newish critical RN that also shares tips for classes like Med-Surg, Peds, etc. I haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet but it seems very useful.
  • YouTube –  I know that ALL of you have at some point and time google’d certain disease processes or nursing assessments.

Here are my favorite YouTube channels:

Michael Linares’ Simple Nursing  – Keep in mind, he also has a separate website called Simple Nursing that you can purchase a membership on but a ton of videos are available already on YouTube. I have purchased all of the videos on his website as well as his Simple Math Cram (which btw helped me get a 1000 on my Dosage Calculations HESI.) I thoroughly enjoy his videos however I wish there was a better way to search for specific items. Sometimes I just don’t have time or the wish to watch ALL videos on say Cardiac but want to watch about one certain thing in Cardiac. Aside from that, Mike also has a ton of additional NOTES on this website that comes for free and lists TON of information. VERY helpful!

EmpoweRN – Caroline’s videos are really empowering! (Haha.) She really condenses things and also has some great videos on how to feel better, healthier as a nurse. She also talks about building confidence. So, I love how she talks about the psychological things we deal with as nursing students/new nurses. If you haven’t watched some of her videos, I recommend it.


  • Facebook – What!?!!? Yep. Facebook. So long as you don’t get distracted you can connect with some other nursing students and get some helpful study aids, support, and so much more. If your school allows it, you may want to consider creating a private Facebook group for you and your class. This will help you all work together and keep up with assignments.

My favorite group: Simple Nursing for Nursing Students

Hope these help and please comment any other finds you would love to share! Remember though, any of these aids cannot supplement your books or your professor’s lectures.



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