First Workout Complete.

FirstWorkout First workout is complete. I am Level One with both Nutrition & Workouts on Nerd Academy. I found the first workout to not be too much but just enough to make me feel good and still make me sweat.

Because some of my joints are pretty bad (*cough* knees) I had to be really careful. I don’t think crap should be popping at age 27, either!? Hello, super out of shape.

The elevated push up I could not press my chest all the way down… I think my bed frame is a little too low but I still felt the burn. It’s too early to tell of course, but so far I am thoroughly enjoying what I am learning.

By the way, I got that shirt from Wal-Mart lol No regrets. Now I gotta go shower and do my World History homework (BSN, here I come!)



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