Life has taken me by storm.

Not always a storm I wanna be in.

Who wants to be in a storm anyway? (Well… depends how bad it is. Kinda peaceful, right?)

Anyway, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. I worked about 8 months in a Short-Term/Long-Term facility (ST/LTC) and learned so much but wasn’t happy there so I am not working at a local non-profit Hospital in the city. I am enjoying it immensely. It can be absolutely terrifying, heart-breaking, and back-breaking some nights. But it is also AMAZING.

I get to help people. And it’s an honor to get to meet these people and their families and advocate for them in whatever way they need. I have SO much to learn and many days I go home feeling like I’m not good enough or feeling stupid because I simply don’t know some things that nurses who have been there longer do… It’s normal. All in time. FYI I work on a telemetry/med-surg floor. We mostly see heart failure/kidney failure patients but we can also get anything and everything.

I seem to be on a very good unit and for that I am grateful. The teamwork is amazing and humor makes everything better.

I’ve gotten sicker.

Not sick enough to not work or anything, but I have been diagnosed with hypertension within the last year. No shocker. Just about all, if not ALL, of my current health problems stem from being obese. Not being healthy. Eating horribly.

I have tried and tried in the past to overcome this hurdle. I have YEARS of bad habits built up. So, I spent about a week kind of researching different programs to join… programs that incorporate both fitness and a healthy diet.

I decided on Nerd Fitness Academy.

Nerd Fitness Academy


YEP! Haha, you read it right. If you have not kind of viewed the website before, here is a link.. I still have a LOT of reading to do on the website because I worked the last two days. So far, I am really enjoying how the program takes your hand and walks you through things.

I think the biggest reason I chose it is because it’s suppose to help you develop good habits. It incorporates the mind in your fitness/health equation.

Of course, it is too early to tell if I will do well with it but I am going to give it my all.

Also, I like to idea of “leveling up” to get healthy. I mean I’ve been leveling up on consoles and PC since I was probably 5!

I did also join the ‘Rising Heroes” side of Nerd Fitness Academy which is a monthly subscription unlike just joining the Academy. I am unsure if I NEED it… but I am willing to try anything at this time. My health HAS to change.

Current Plan

So, my long-term goal is to lose 150 pounds in 2 years. I am trying to incorporate time in there in case I fail quite a few times. Haha.

I am currently slowly reading through the beginning lessons, starting with the “Mindset Quests.”

If anyone currently is enrolled in the Academy or is thinking about it. Please feel free to drop me a comment and we can maybe talk on Discord? I would love to meet like-minded people kinda doing the same thing, ya know?


My Academy Profile: PayShi

Sorry for the long hiatus.



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