Meal Prep with Photos~

Okay, so I probably just spent the last… about 4-5 hours cooking. YEAH. Haha. It wasn’t too bad and I got to spend some time with my future mom-in-law. =)

So, I made probably about 5-6 days worth of food. Here are some photos… I didn’t take finishing photos, sorry, I got too tired. Haha.

And the final photo is what I am eating now. It is actually SUPER good… I am shocked!

I used Nerd Fitness Academy’s roasted veggie recipe but I used veggies I picked up this AM. Red potatoes, green peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, white onion, and red onions. Mmmm. I also fried some left overs too.

The chicken I both baked and fried a little bit so I have some variety.

I also bought cut up fruit and placed those in separate bowls too for work. I think I am going to take slices of pickles in snack zip-loc bags for snacking and maybe 1 to 2 apples, and a banana. I have to eat fast at work… if at all. Lol.

By the way, my thighs are SO sore from doing my first workout last night (included Modified squats.) I mostly feel it when I do anything similar… like sitting.

Hey, no pain no gain right?

I am super gung-ho now but I am hoping to at least keep up a bit of this excitement moving forward with my Loot list…

Also, I am taking my ACLS class this week and am not gonna lie: I am nervous. I’ve never done a real code before and this is hella more advanced than a BLS.

Wish me luck.  20170902_221451

P.S. History is not very fun right now… lol




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