Where the heck have you been?

So, Irma like totally threw me off track. What the heck!?

Anyway, I am back. I am so-so using Nerd Fitness but have finally decided to use Lady Boss. You may have seen ads on facebook. So far I am enjoying it and seem to be sticking to it better than I normally would but I believe I’ve learned so much from several of these resources.

And there are many similar components to both Nerd Fitness and Lady Boss, except Lady Boss is for women of course. I definitely feel like I relate more to that facebook group because the vibe is incredibly positive and there are a TON… I mean TON of inspirational people with photos to prove hard work does pay off. I want that to be me.

So, although I fall off track. I will hop back on the bandwagon.

Weight haha

I wanted to share this because periodically I pop in my weight and measurements into MyFitnessPal and seeing that ladder… makes me so joyful. Highest 307 on 8/27 and lowest 289 on 11/22. That’s 18 pounds. Not a huge amount in about 3 months but it shows I am moving towards much healthier. I definitely think my job helps.

I really need to take my measurements and compare as well. I will do that for a little while and see if I find any inches lost.

I’m gonna share some photos from my recent adventures. Enjoy!

Healthy Pizza!!!! It’s frickin’ good. I also started taking Juice + supplements… I will see how they go but I have a lot more energy than usual.


My workout from tonight. I actually did Body Groove by Misty Tripoli. It totally kicked my butt… and oh, I have little to no rhythm.

I’ll include links below to the stuff I am using currently.

Lady Boss Lifestyle

Nerd Fitness Academy

Juice Plus


3 comments on “Where the heck have you been?”
  1. Well done for getting back up! Love your motivational top ❤


    1. Patience says:

      Thank you!! I see you have some great stuff on your blog. I love halo top!


      1. Awww thank you!!! Check out my newest post!!! Literally just uploaded haha! I love halo top too 🙂


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